Rooted Counseling Services

Grow deep and thrive.

Located in Frisco, TX, Rooted is dedicated to helping you cultivate change through a variety of mental health counseling services.


Hello!  I’m Cindy Payne, Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Rooted Counseling Services.  I work with adolescents (ages 12 and up) and adults, and cover a broad spectrum of mental health concerns. I strive to provide the best care to all clients based on individual needs.

I view therapy as a collaborative and interactive experience. The more vulnerable and courageous you allow yourself to be, the more effective the therapy process will be for you. Throughout our work together, the goal is to come to understand yourself better, build better communication skills, and acquire coping skills and tools to apply and enrich your everyday life experiences.

My purpose lies in helping you find the growth you’re looking for.  Take the first step and make an appointment today.